Your Health, Your Way

Our Rural Family Direct Care program is kept small by design, so you can enjoy benefits not always found in primary care offices. This allows Dr. Pritchett and Dr. Winkeler to spend the necessary one-to-one time to understand your health concerns and goals, and partner with you to help you meet those goals.  

As a member of Rural Family Direct Care, you have:

  • Time:  Time to be heard, understood, and cared for. 
  • Always your own doctor:  Every visit. Every call. Every time.
  • Convenience, flexibility:  Same or next business day office or virtual visits. Unhurried and relaxed. In person or virtual.
  • Peace of mind:  Sometimes a direct text, email or phone chat with your doctor is all you need. 
  • Personalized care:  Not constrained and dictated by insurance reimbursement requirements.
  • Health and Wellness:  Emphasis on prevention and lifestyle factors.  
  • Savings:  Save time and expense of avoidable urgent care and ER visits.
  • Advocacy:  Help navigating and coordinating your care in a complex system.
  • Affordability:  Discounted labs and imaging. No co-pays or deductibles. No unknown costs or surprise high bills. 

One flat monthly fee will cover all routine primary care* provided in our office by Dr. Pritchett and Dr. Winkeler — without additional co-pays or deductibles. 

* Includes in-office procedures, joint injections, and labs (Strep, Urinalysis, Hematocrits, Pulse Oximetry) 

As a member of this program, we do not bill your insurance, which means we work directly for you — not the insurance companies. 

Implementing healthy habits and good lifestyle practices are fundamental to disease prevention and health promotion. These foundations are often missing and non-covered in the traditional healthcare and insurance system. 

As a member of Rural Family Direct Care, we can build on a trusted environment of partnership, commitment and consistency so you can take charge of and see lasting improvement in your health!

Ready to become a member?

Medicare/ Medicaid patients not eligible for this program.