Steve Pritchett, MD

Best of the BEST! Very compassionate and personal… yet completely professional. He’s been my doctor for 10 years and still gives me as much time as I want at every single appointment. He explains everything in detail… even the meds he prescribes. He actually cares!

Troy, IL (Healthgrades Review)

I trust Dr. Pritchett in all avenues concerning my health — his knowledge, concern, mannerisms cannot be topped. My health history is complicated, and he has taken wonderful care of me. I have recommended him to a number of people who have all been pleased with his treatment and are now his patients. I am thankful he has my back.

Mrs. M. (Vitals Review)

The best family doctor around.

(Vitals Review)

Brett Winkeler, MD

Our entire family has seen Dr. Winkeler for years, he has been seeing our son since he was born. He is an amazing doctor, as are the other doctors in the office. His staff is always helpful and compassionate. We would never go anywhere else for medical care.

(Vitals Review)

Dr. Winkeler is the best doctor that I have ever had in my 56 years. He is always spot on with his diagnosis and prescribes only medicines that I need. He is also good at taking me off blood pressure meds when other doctors said I will be on them the rest of my life. My mom and uncle go to him, and really like him, he speaks in their language and answers all their questions. It’s nice to have a doctor spend time with his patients. Courtney is also a joy to work with and represents him very well!

(Vitals Review)

Totally awesome doctor! We have been going to him for 6 years and he’s ALWAYS right on the nose with the diagnosis! Wouldn’t go to any other.

(Vitals Review)

Our family has been going to Dr. Winkler for almost 8 years now he’s a wonderful guy and actually listens to you. Very patient and understanding, never seems to rush you during an appointment. I would definitely recommend.

Amy Terry (Google Review)

Both of my sons and my husband are patients of Dr. Winkeler. He is a fantastic doctor!

Holly Schroeder (Google Review)

About 10 years ago, after losing our lifelong family physician, my husband and I needed to find a new doctor. Asking friends for references, Dr. Winkeler’s name kept being mentioned. I was able to schedule an appointment for both of us together. Upon our initial office visit, we were both impressed with Dr. Winkeler’s personable demeanor, his willingness to sit down and listen to you and then research the best avenue to take to resolve your medical issues. We have never felt rushed through an appointment or made to feel we were not important. He seems to keep up with new and innovative medical advances and networks with other doctors in the Bi-State region. Whenever he has had to make specialist doctor referrals, he personally knows them. We have much confidence and trust in Dr. Winkeler. So glad we found him and his professional and compassionate staff.

Vicki Stasko, Jan 31, 2020 (Sharecare Review)

James Althoff, MD

Dr. Althoff is a great doctor to see, very friendly and fun to talk to. He’s also very good at breaking down the reasoning behind decisions to help make the best choice.

Chris Bertelsman (Google review)

Dr Althoff is great. He cares a lot about his patients. He listens and is easy to talk to. He took great care to my parents and most of my family. I highly recommend this doctor and all the other physicians in this practice.

Kathy Feurer (Google review)

He cares about his patients and makes them feel each one isn’t a number or a burden to him and his staff, but a person, not a payment. I will never change doctors again, even if he isn’t on the preferred PPO list. My care went down to nothing until I returned to his care. He and his staff are great to my whole family. God bless him and his girls!!! 

This doctor is courteous and polite. He has a love for his patients and does his best to help them in any way he can. 

He is the best Dr. I have ever had. He spends as much time with you as you need and has never made me feel rushed. He is kind and smart, yet doesn’t mind sending you to a specialist if he feels you need one. I have never been so pleased. Most of his office staff is also very nice and helpful. 

I am a new patient and found him to listen and not rush my appointment to get to the next patient. I am very happy to have Dr. Althoff as my new Dr. and I hope to not have to change for a long time as my previous Dr. had retired. Please don’t go anywhere Dr. Althoff!  

Stephen Raben, MD

Dr. Raben is a great doctor, my son absolutely loves him. You never feel rushed, he takes his time to answer any and all questions you might have. I’ve never had a bad experience.

Chris P. Nutz (Google review)

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Raben for 20 years. His skill as a doctor is great, but even more important, his persistence in tracking down difficult problems has been a Godsend. I believe his willingness to follow through in helping us find the right specialist saved our daughter.

Vitals review

Great doctor
Dr. Raben spent a lot of time listening to my concerns and worked with me to find the best course of action for my condition. I believe he cares about his patients and takes the time to really listen. 

Vitals review

Highly Recommended
You may have a bit of a wait when you come in to see Doctor Raben but that is because he does not rush anyone through their appointment. He is kind, compassionate, friendly, listens and non-judgmental. He makes you very comfortable and I would recommend him to anyone.  

Vitals review

Have been seeing Dr. Steve Raben for years. He is caring, compassionate, understanding, patient, and thorough. I highly recommend Dr. Steve!!  

Don Norrenberns (Google review)

Doctor Raben was my parents’ doctor until they passed away. They loved him like family and he treated them like family. He assisted in our first child’s birth and did an amazing job. He has been our doctor for almost 30 years. Don’t plan on seeing any other doctor. He is the best. 

Lisa Whitacre (Google review)

Paul Reger, MD

I’ve been a patient in the past and when I moved back to the area in 2008 I had no hesitation returning back!! Excellent, excellent medical team. I have been a patient of Reger’s since I returned and he is so professional, understanding, and really smart! He is to the point and really cares, I appreciate the way I am listened to by him. I used to also see Angie but now I have been sometimes seeing Kayla. She is very, very kind, a good listener too, and is very understanding. They also fit my needs too in the billing department.

Julie Nichols (Google review)

Dr. Reger was our family doctor for many, many years before we moved. He was the best MD we could’ve asked for – very knowledgeable and his treatments and advice were on point! 

Tiffany Wright (Google review)

Caring and smart doctor. Funny and good listener. I would highly recommend this doctor! 

Vitals review

Couldn’t ask for better. I have been seeing Dr. Reger for about three years. He is a friendly, non-judgmental, professional and knowledgeable doctor who knows his stuff but is not so conceited that he won’t refer patients to a specialist if what he tries is not effective. I appreciate that he doesn’t rush me and always asks if I need prescription refills and if there is anything else (he can help with).

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Todd Vonderheide, MD

Dr. Vonderheide is a very caring person. He takes as much time as needed to hear you out and address any concerns. Then working with you to get the best possible treatment plan. He’s very sensitive to all. If you want honest answers and treatments, with no bull…go see him.

M.T. (Google review)

Dr. Todd is a very down to earth person, who always take his time with you and makes you feel very comfortable. He is also wonderful with children, my daughter loves going to see him.

Doctor Vonderheide is a great physician. He does a fabulous job with both of my children. My son loves him…thank you doc for everything. 

Dr Vonderheide is an exceptionally knowledgeable MD with an excellent bedside manner. He has genuine concern for his patients. He has been very helpful with my husband who has Parkinson’s disease. 

I have been a patient a long time and I’m really thankful to have this awesome Dr. and his staff!! 

Dr. Todd is a wonderful physician. I have had a few things that have been a mystery to other doctors and Dr. Todd has been able to figure them out and heal them much faster for me. He has a wonderful bedside manner and takes as much time with you as you need. 

Judith Weis, MD

Dr Weis is beyond great. She really knows her stuff I would recommend any of the doctors there. Superb place.

Pat Hart (Google review)

Best family practice Dr. I have ever had.

Vitals review

Always a real good experience. Dr. Weis never rushes you out of the office. Listens to everything you have to say and really cares about what you say. Everybody is always positive and very caring and cheerful. I tell all my friends about my wonderful experiences with my doctor and staff. Would not even think of going anywhere else. THANKS everybody! 

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