Medical Cost-Sharing

How can our Rural Family Direct Care members save on health expenses?

Consider using an alternative to health insurance known as medical cost-sharing or health-sharing ministries. With Rural Family Direct Care as your primary hub for care, these programs help you lower your monthly health expenses and are there when medical needs become extensive and expensive.

Medical Cost-Sharing unites health-conscious individuals to share medical expenses without the red tape and high costs of traditional health insurance.

These programs are not for everyone, but many find it to be very valuable because:

  1. The monthly savings may be very significant.
  2. Insurance companies don’t decide what type of care you receive.
  3. In addition to your visits here, you may see any doctor or hospital you choose.
  4. Some cost-sharing plans subsidize a portion of the membership fees at Rural Family Direct Care, thereby lowering your overall costs.
  5. You are rewarded for your healthy lifestyle, which helps keep your out-of-pocket costs low.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs, which pair well with programs such as Rural Family Direct Care, visit:

This is not a comprehensive list but may help you get started to learn more about these options. We are sharing these website links with our patients for informational purposes only, and are not promoting any specific program.